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Sutton Town Centre Briefing

Sutton Town Centre Briefing

In the past three weeks three separate (and unrelated) incidents have taken place in our high street. We have got used to Sutton being a safe town centre and these incidents are an unwelcome and unsavoury reminder that we are not immune from such events. Successful Sutton know, from talking to many of you, that there is considerable confusion over what happened in each incident and as a result there are rumours and false stories circulating.  To clarify, the three incidents were two serious assaults and one stabbing.

We are working closely with the Met. Police to review why these incidents have happened and how we can work together to try and prevent this type of incident occurring. We are also working to ensure the reporting of these events in the local press is measured and responsible.

To help reduce this type of incident happening we can work together:

  • Please be vigilant to what is happening both in your premises and outside.
  • If you have a town centre radio please ensure it is always switched on and set to channel 1. (If you don’t have a town centre and would like to join the system please get in touch with Diane Hookway – ). Over 70 businesses are part of the radio system and it helps us all stay in touch and become aware of incidents of crime (any type of crime) in real time.
  • If you see an incident taking place, or individuals behaving erratically, please share this over the radio system immediately so other businesses and the police can be made aware.
  • If necessary, please always remember to dial 999 too.

Don’t forget we host two monthly briefings with the Met. Police, ShopWatch and PubWatch, where we share intelligence on previous incidents and known criminals and criminal behaviour taking place in the town centre. You can find more about these meetings via

We have lots of activities planned between now and Christmas and we are doing everything we can to ensure your important pre-Christmas footfall is not affected by these incidents. However, if you would like to know more about these incidents and how the police are working in our town centre please come to our joint town centre briefing, with Sutton police, at 11am on Wednesday 7th December at our offices in Times Square. In the meantime, if we can assist you in anyway, or you have any specific concerns, please don’t hesitate to call us on 020 8643 9304.

Yours faithfully,

Ross Feeney

Chief Executive

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