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Subsea 7 - Diving (information for children)

Subsea 7 - Autonomous Inspection (information for children)

Drone Zone

Intro to Drone Technology

Salters Hall - Making ice cream with salt

Moonlander - Programming instruction

Gravity Presentation

Gatwick Airport Learn Live is our exciting programme bringing airport life direct and live to classrooms across the country. Each episode a different theme and introduces students to the wide variety of careers on offer at Gatwick. It also includes videos and live interactive sessions where students can ask employees questions about their roles and careers. You can rewatch our programmes anytime by clicking here.

Sutton Science Festival - Jeremy King - STEM in Schools

Sutton Music Centre - Introduction to rhythm

Warrenders - Science and Jewellery Making

Techy Tots Sutton and Cheam - Technology for little people

Jon's High Street Science - Freezy Freezy

Jon's High Street Science - Bubbly Bubbly

Jon's High Street Science - Pointy Pointy

Jon's High Street Science - Explodey Explodey

Jon's High Street Science - Burny Burny

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