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Our Town Radio Scheme is operated by Wall to Wall Communications, Sutton.

If you wish to join the Successful Sutton Radio Scheme, please complete this application form and return it to or directly to Wall to Wall Communications.


The radio handset itself is free to all LEVY paying businesses (£250.00 + VAT per handset to Businesses who want to be part of the scheme but sit outside the Levy district).

Weekly £10.00 + VAT – charges for system administration and licenses

Breakdown of Costs 

The £10.00 is broken down in the following way:

  • £4.00 admin fees paid to Wall to Wall for the schemes provision.
  • £4.00 to Successful Sutton paid back into the levy budget for the delivery of crime prevention training/support/activities in the District.
  • £2.00 towards an eventual Town Centre Support. This would be an individual with SIA training who will provide support to the businesses in and around the Town Centre under guidelines and specifications to be approved by Businesses prior to hire.

Please note that all money from the Radio Scheme goes directly back into the BID Levy.

For more information on the Successful Sutton Radio Scheme, please contact or call us on 020 8643 9304.

How to use:

  1. Ensure radio is fully charged daily
  2. Switch to Frequency 1
  3. Check in by pressing the receiver button on the side and stating your store name and ask for a radio check
  4. Wait for response, if you hear a radio check request, respond to it
  5. Report incidents of shoplifting, business crime, live feedback to other businesses so that they are alerted by stating
    store name, description of individuals and directionality of those individuals
  6. Close down by stating business name and sign off.


  1. Do train all staff how to use the radio. It is your asset and can be used by whomever is on duty that day.
  2. Do ensure your radio is in full working order by completing the radio check every day on opening.
  3. Do use your radio! It is no good stuck in a back office gathering dust. You pay for this scheme. Use it to its full.
  4. Do report if your radio is damaged, faulty or stolen to Wall To Wall Communications on 020 8770 1007.
  5. Ensure your account is up to date and you have transferred payment arrangements to Wall to Wall
    communications from PMR.
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