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SHOPWATCH: The Crime Prevention Scheme


February 26th, 2015


Retailers in Sutton town centre are being invited to join ShopWatch, a new ‘retail information network’ organised by Successful Sutton and backed by Sutton Metropolitan Police.

Dedicated to keeping Sutton safe, the scheme provides an opportunity for businesses in the BID area and the police to meet monthly to share information, intelligence and best practice.

Sergeant Simon Alexander and Inspector Kathy Morteo will be on hand from Sutton Police Station to discuss policing on the high street, crime prevention strategies and how they can better support Sutton’s traders day-to-day.

Attendees can also stay up-to-date with the latest news and activities from Successful Sutton.

Following the first ShopWatch meeting, Mike Lawrence, owner of local clothing business, the Projekt Store said: “I think the scheme is an excellent platform to meet like-minded retailers and store managers to discuss their approaches to shop security and keep up-to-date with what the police are doing to reduce retail crime. We can all benefit from this new initiative.”

ShopWatch is also linked to the existing Radio Scheme, which provides retailers and the police with a direct radio link to report crime or anti-social behaviour.

Sergeant Alexander said: “Until now the only communication we’ve had with local stores is on a one-to-one basis, such as through the Radio Scheme. Regular meetings will enable us to get our message across to all the stores at the same time.”

Inspector Morteo added: “We want to be more approachable to store owners and work with the BID to build a strong community and support network with traders in the town centre.”

Ross Feeney, CEO of Successful Sutton said: “Retailers are already making good use of the Radio Scheme to quickly contact each other and share information. ShopWatch aims to build success by further strengthening the partnership between local businesses and the Police. We hope this will go some way to ensuring that Sutton remains one of the top three safest boroughs in London.”

Meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month at the Successful Sutton offices.  To find out more about ShopWatch, or register your interest in attending, please email:

For further press information please contact:

Teresa Whitfield, Marketing Manager, Successful Sutton
Tel:      0203 282 7198 (office)

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