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Help shape the future of your town centre!

We’d like to invite you to join our GeoTask Town Panel to help gather important information to improve your town centre and your shopping experience.

All you have to do is download the FREE GeoTask App and take your mobile phone with you whenever you visit Sutton town centre – whether shopping, eating out or visiting the park with your kids.

The App will capture your location data and track your ‘consumer journey’. This ground breaking research will help shape and improve the experience offered to shoppers and visitors.

As a reward for your involvement you will have the chance to win some fabulous prizes!

All data collected is fully anonymous and cannot be linked to you personally.

The Five simple steps are:

GET – Download the GeoTask App from the App Store.

GO – Visit Sutton’s shops, events, restaurants and bars as usual.

TAKE – Remember to always take your mobile phone with you and the fiendishly clever GeoTask App will do the rest!

REWARDS – Sign for entry into our sweepstakes for a chance to win fabulous prizes!

ANSWER – Answer our survey’s location-based questionnaires and receive a Gift card.

Download the app using the following links:

Google-Play –

App-Store –

After downloading the GeoTasks App you will be eligible to take part in research studies in Sutton. By participating, the GeoTask App will collect your anonymised location data and put it together with data from other panel members.

The GeoTask GPS Location Panel App measures your location data and in exchange you will be entered into monthly sweepstake to win Great Prizes and offered gift cards for completing a town survey. Opt out at any time by uninstalling the App.

All panel data collected is fully anonymous and cannot be linked to you personally. Registration is optional, and is only used for the rewards element.

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