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Successful Sutton is a business-led initiative to bring the various business interests in Sutton Town Centre together to represent a unified voice for the retail, office, leisure and night-time economy sectors through the creation of a Business Improvement District (BID).

The Successful Sutton Business Improvement District (BID) went live on 1st October 2012. It is tasked with the delivery of driving forward a powerful and focused agenda for change in Sutton Town Centre, ensuring a thriving future for Sutton and it’s businesses.

For Successful Sutton, a significant priority is to:

– Work to make Sutton Town Centre more attractive and welcoming to residents and visitors alike
– Raise the town centre’s profile though marketing and events
– Ensure the town centre remains safe and secure
– Our Mission Statement

To effectively promote Sutton Town Centre through effective marketing and events campaigns.

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