Signing up to Pop Up Sutton – The Entrepreneurs’ Space provides you with access to an unparalleled resource of information and business support.

Workshops will be delivered by two specialist business mentors, Mike Ellis and Jane Knight, who both boast a wealth of professional and training experience.

The first round of compulsory workshops will cover the financial, legal and planning aspects of setting up and running your own business. The second set will look at sales and marketing, visual merchandising and the practicalities of turning your idea into a viable business.


Starting Your Own Business

So you have an idea for your business but have you identified your suppliers? Do you know who your potential customers will be and how to reach them? The first of our compulsory workshops will take an in depth look at the starting blocks of your business and help you to fully research and understand your market as well as the necessary legal and compliance issues that running your own business entails.

Financial Planning

Essential for any business, the financial planning workshop will cover how to record all aspects of your income and expenditure.
Advice and guidance on tax regulations, business expenses and understanding the costs of producing your product or service, sales margins and profits will all be discussed in detail. Information will also be available on accessing funding for start-ups.

Business Planning

Writing a viable business plan underpins your business goals. The document needs to clearly define your product or service, identify your market and your business objectives. This workshop will provide advice on creating a successful business plan, including an action plan outlining how you are going to meet your business objectives. It will also look at how to prepare budgets and forecasts for your business.


Your Lightbulb Moment

This informative and practical session will give you the key tools you need to turn your business ideas into reality. The workshop will guide you through researching and planning your business and the practicalities about getting started. It will also be a chance to share ideas and experiences.

Sales and Marketing

Who is your customer and how do you get in front of them? This workshop will identify your ideal client, why they need your product or service and how to engage with them in order to develop your business. It will also cover tips for writing a successful marketing strategy, PR ideas for promoting and selling your business and innovative ways to target and build relationships with customers.

Visual Merchandising

What message does your visual merchandising give to the world?
Learn how to display your product or service to build brand recognition, loyalty and repeat sales by using lighting, positioning, props and themes. See how you can adjust your display according to the time of the year to maximise sales and use innovative ways to promote your brand.
At the end of the workshop you will have a five-step action plan to help create an enterprising pop up space.


In addition to the compulsory workshops there will be a series of optional sessions which will cover the following topics:

Social Media Savvy
Looking to build your online profile? Want to promote your business and engage with new customers? This workshop will provide you with an overview to the key social media platforms as well as looking at how to post relevant and interesting content to gain new clients, direct people to your pop up stall and collaborate with like-minded organisations.

The Customer Experience
Do you understand the importance of excellent customer service? This workshop will explore the importance of first iimpressions and ensuring customers feel valued by your business. The workshop will be an opportunity to assess and reflect on your customer service standards, and identify opportunities for improvement to enable your business to build ‘the know, like and trust’ factor.

Business & Personal Branding
Your ‘brand’ is an idea and expectation that comes into people’s minds when they think about your business. From how you answer the phone to the visual identity of your ‘shop front’, it all contributes to the customer experience and whether customers choose to buy from your business. This workshop will analyse your personal and business brand and how you can build on these to attract customers and new opportunities.

Visual Merchandising 1:1 sessions
One-to-one sessions designed to help you consolidate your brand identity and come up with innovative ideas to attract customers to your pop up space to try or buy your product.

First Aid at work – full day
A one-day accredited course covering all aspects of emergency first aid in the workplace.

One-to-one mentoring sessions with a business advisor will be held throughout the 18-month programme providing ongoing feedback and support. The hour long sessions will enable startups to identify their business goals and understand how to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. These sessions will also enable you to feedback vital information following trading at the Entrepreneurs Space on a Monthly basis. They must be booked in advance.