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As a modern British town centre, Sutton has to work harder to attract its share of spend and activity. Competition is fierce from other centres and competing forms of retail and leisure.

Successful Sutton is currently developing a marketing plan to promote the town centre and attract additional footfall from inside and outside the borough, securing its commercial vibrancy. Promotional activity has already started with events such as the Sunset Cinema proving to be a big success.

We will be…

  • Holding regular speciality markets backed with high-profile promotion.
  • Working closely with car park operators to maintain a competitive tariff.
  • Organising at least two main events – one at Christmas and the other at Easter
  • Improving accessibility through maps, directories and signage
  • Encouraging, supporting, promoting and developing late night shopping
  • Incentivising journeys to the town centre by public transport and other sustainable means
  • Continually evaluating the effectiveness of our promotional spend through measures such as footfall cameras and feedback from our main retail occupiers
  • Commissioning co-ordinated centre wide advertising campaigns using press, broadcast and social media
  • Developing a town centre website as an information and promotional tool for shoppers, visitors, employees and the community