Brighter Sutton

Making Sutton Cleaner and more attractive

Consumer and business feedback indicate that most people generally believe that our town centre is clean. Successful Sutton has established the current level of services provided by the council and included it in the agreement for the term of the BID. We will look to build on that where necessary. We will procure additional services on a closely targeted basis.

What we will be doing:

  • Dressing up and exploring new ideas for vacant shops
  • Responding to any mess resulting from night time activities
  • Removing gum on a periodic basis
  • Deep cleansing to tackle stubborn staining
  • Looking for more opportunities to introduce containerised planting, hanging baskets and street trees.
  • Introducing Dr. Bike, sustainable travel and cycle initiatives for employees
  • Targeting hot spots that require additional attention over and above the council’s sweep through e.g. smokers’ areas, side alleys